Hi All,

To say it’s a busy time of year would be an understatement. O-week is wrapping up and incoming students are buzzing around campus like ping pong balls. Student affairs pros might be feeling like that too with so many events going on and projects on the horizon. Writing could feel like the last thing on our minds, yet writing can be a really great way to process through thoughts and emotions to gain some clarity. So if you choose to consider writing for this fall or anytime this year, here are some tips and suggestions that might be helpful:

  • There’s no required length for posts, so no need to stress about a super packed post. 250 words is plenty.
  • It doesn’t have to be in traditional writing format! It could be a series of photos, a video done with your phone, some poetry, a music playlist, a photo series… The formats are flexible and in fact, alternative formats are most welcome!
  • Make it something you’re interested in. What would you like to write about? What do you like to do on your free time? What brings you joy? What do you do for self care? Are you sick of hearing about self care? What’s your favourite holiday and what makes it meaningful to you? Is there a tradition you’ve started with your friends or family? Do you have pets? Do you love yoga or sports or the beach? Why?
  • You could even write a short intro of yourself! A kind of, get to know me better or here’s what you might not know about me. Or you could explain a social justice issue you’re passionate about. Or share insights from your culture.
  • And of course you could focus on work stuff too if that’s what comes easiest for you to share. Is there a new program or event you’ve recently held? This could be part of your promotions for an upcoming event or program! Is there something you’re excited or nervous about for this upcoming school year? Are there any areas of improvement you’d like to see in the workplace? This is a way to reach out for ideas, advice and support from your coworkers too.

Hopefully this is helpful to get the juices flowing for the blogs. Instead of feeling like extra work, they could be framed as an exploration of things you enjoy. One tactic would be to set 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning for writing. Or after lunch, or whatever time works for you. A few days of this can be really productive I find.

So hope this helps in consideration of writing, we’d love to hear from you!