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What apps are your go-to for productivity?

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    Katrina Persad
    Katrina Persad

    I’ve always been an app geek. When the Palm Pilot first came out, I recall being thrilled by the potential it held for digitizing our lives. What apps do you swear by?

    Here are mine (using an iPhone):

    1. Evernote: a place to brain-dump all my thoughts. Either type a note directly into a searchable ‘notebook’, attach jpgs/pdfs, or use the webclipper tool to directly save articles for later reading. Syncs across mobile, desktop and web-app.

    2. Dropbox/Google Photos: I set these apps to sync my photos continuously so I can easily access them on my phone without taking up space on my phone storage.

    3. Wunderlist: A virtual to-do list that helps me quick-add action items and set deadlines/reminders. Also a great web-app!

    4. Logsit: Track how often I do anything + get reminders when it’s time to do it again. Super helpful for infrequent recurring tasks that I want to keep tabs on. Plus, it scratches my ‘quantified-self’ itch.

    5. Google Calendar: Scheduling my life means I get to do all the things I want (including downtime). Bonus: certain phrases elicit fun graphics, which I love (but they’re able to be toggled off if grahpics aren’t for you).

    I’d love to hear yours and continue feeding my app-etite for productivity (and puns)!

    Katrina Persad
    Katrina Persad

    *graphics! Ahh typos!


    My trifecta: Asana, Slack, Google Suite (gmail, docs, drive, calendar, etc.)

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