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Staff Spotlight: Sarah Thompson


Position:  Clinical Coordinator

Department:  Centre for Student Development and Counselling


What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office?

Say hello to my team members.

What’s the biggest issue for Ryerson students right now?

From my vantage point: fear.  Fear of failure, fear of not being ‘good enough’, fear of not being acceptable or loveable, fear of feeling more fully.  I believe these messages are pervasive in our culture right now.  It’s hard not to take them in.

What made you to decide to work in Student Affairs?  If you hadn’t chosen SA, what would you be doing right now?

I fell in love with working with students and young adults.  Every university student I have worked with, regardless of the challenges he or she faces, has so much potential!  If I wasn’t at Ryerson, I’d be doing similar work in private practice.


What is the number one challenge you face in your work

Having sufficient time, space, and resources to provide the level of support that our fabulous staff is capable of providing.

What’s your favourite book?

Lord of the Rings, followed closely by Harry Potter.  Geeky, but true!

What’s your top App?

WordsWithFriends.  Also geeky but true.

Name the individual(s) who have made the greatest impact in your career?

Dr. Charles Marino, who believed in me from day one, and Dr. Deborah Levine, who believed in me when I didn’t.

What are you doing when you aren’t working?

Honestly?  Pretending to be a super-hero with my son, or laughing at his ‘toot’ jokes.

What’s your favourite spot on campus?

Hands down:  the Quad.

Email, phone call or face-to-face?

Old school: face-to-face.

What is something you are doing to increase the impact of Student Affairs at Ryerson?

Continuously striving to maintain a system that both supports the wonderful resource that is the CSDC team and maximizes our capacity to help our clients on their journeys from confusion and challenge, to pride and confidence.

When I started working in Student Affairs I wish I had known _______?

Myself more fully.