by Ariana Spencer

I guess you could say I’m not so new around here anymore! I started as the Digital Marketing Storyteller in Student Affairs Storytelling on July 26th. I thought that writing a brief introduction for Ryerson SA would be the most likely way to say hello to you all at once.

My journey to Ryerson started quite a while back when I attended my first CACUSS conference as a new SA professional working in Orientation programming at UOIT. At CACUSS I remember sitting in on a presentation facilitated by folks from Ryerson SA Creative (as it was called at the time), one of those presenters being Bailey Parnell. I was intrigued by what was happening at Ryerson, bringing the creative, storytelling aspect to the forefront of Student Affairs. I was truly in awe; and determined to take what I learned and what inspired me back to UOIT to try my darndest to infuse into the programming I was coordinating and the workshops and trainings I was facilitating through my various roles.

At the time I had recently just graduated from UOIT in Communications and my heart was quite set on getting a job in my field – however still not sure where life would take me at the time and also trying to navigate the realization that Student Affairs was an actual career that people had. I knew I enjoyed working with students, facilitating programming for them and trying somewhere, somehow to tell the stories of the student experiences through online channels, writing, video, photos, infographics, all of the above!

So here I am! In a role that is the perfect mash up for me – infusing my love for working in Student Affairs and all that comes with it, but also having an outlet here to infuse my passion for digital media, storytelling, social media, design and creativity into my everyday work.

I’m excited for this new, exciting and challenging journey and to learn from you all along the way!