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Whether you’re new to Student Affairs in Canada, or are an old pro, here is a list of the valuable organizations and conferences that will help you improve your skills, connect with colleagues in your field and expertise, and help you build the whole professional you:

Student Affairs | Digital Strategy

Career Services & Graduate Studies | Health & Wellness | Housing & Residence Life | Learning Supports | Student Life

Student Affairs

 Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS)

CACUSS is a professional bilingual association representing and serving those individuals who work in Canadian post-secondary institutions in Student Affairs and Services. Since 1973, CACUSS has provided professional development services and programs for members in all the Canadian provinces. Cross-divisional interest groups are formed by members from time to time based on their professional needs focusing on areas such as peer helping, first year students, new professionals and leadership education.

American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Conference

ACPA is a comprehensive American student affairs association that advances student affairs and engages students for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Founded in 1924 by May L. Cheney, it has nearly 7,500 members representing 1,200 private and public institutions from across the U.S. and around the world. ACPA members include graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in student affairs/higher education administration programs, faculty, and student affairs educators, from entry level to senior student affairs officers, and organizations and companies that are engaged in the campus marketplace.

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) Conference

NASPA is a leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession in the United States. They serve a full range of professionals who provide programs, experiences, and services that cultivate student learning and success in concert with the mission of our colleges and universities. Established in 1918 and founded in 1919, NASPA is comprised of 13,000 members in all 50 states, 25 countries, and 8 U.S. Territories.

Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals

The association is composed of administrators, counsellors and instructors who hold positions in offices of student affairs. This includes counselling centres, financial aid, student housing, food services, student health, career planning and placement, student activities, etc. The association provides a friendly, supportive atmosphere where members discuss challenges and share ideas for better serving students.

NYU Student Affairs

During the past fifteen years, the Student Affairs Conference at NYU has embodied the many programs that have comprised the conference, and explored a wide range of topics related to the practice of Student Affairs. Past themes include: Reframing Approaches: From “Best” to Next Practices; Agents of Change: Cultivating a Climate of Social Justice; Redefining Global: Creating a Boundless Experience; The 3D Campus: Diverse, Dynamic, Distinct, etc.

Southern Association for College Student Affairs

The Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) is an independent, regional, and generalist association designed for the professional development of practitioners, educators, and students engaged in the student affairs profession.

California Community College Student Affairs Association

For over 60 years, CCCSAA has been the professional association that focuses on networking, student and professional development, and advocating for the field of Student Affairs and Student Leadership within the California Community College system.

Digital Strategy

 eduWeb Digital Summit

EduWeb has established itself as the only conference focusing on your institution’s integrated digital marketing presence. Since its beginning nine years ago, eduWeb has consistently seen an increase in the attendance of those working in the areas of: enrollment management, advancement, marketing communications, and web/IT. EduWeb prides itself in offering a diverse selection of presentations and pre-conference workshops from leading industry and higher education experts. The program focuses on the integration of mobile, social media, branding and communication content with programming, design and analytics.

#PSEWEB — Canada’s University & College Digital Marketing Conference

PSEWEB is a conference for college and university marketers, programmers, designers, digital architects and community managers—the people behind the online faces of our institutions. PSEWEB sessions cover all areas of the digital marketing industry—from strategy to execution, architecture to analytics, design to development, across web, social media, email, and mobile. The conference comes from the HighEdWeb Conference started in the United States and aims to bring the same amazing content, and high quality experience to those of us who happen to work in Canada.

ConFab Higher Ed

The content challenges facing higher ed are really one-of-a-kind, and that’s why there’s an entire conference dedicated to your community. Join your colleagues from around the country to share war stories, sympathy, and solutions in content strategy.

Higher Ed Web Association

The HighEdWeb conference is created just for higher education web professionals. HighEdWeb is perfect for web developers, marketers, designers, writers, managers and all team members in-between who want to explore the unique web issues facing colleges and universities.

Career Services & Graduate Studies

 The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE)

A national non-profit partnership of employer recruiters and career services professionals. Their mission is to provide professional networking and development opportunities, information, advice, and other services to employers and career service professionals.

Graduate Business Student Services Association

Each fall, the GBSSA board of directors coordinates a conference that allows participants to network and share information about their individual programs and visit business schools across the country.

Health & Wellness

 Ontario University and College Health Association

The Purpose of the Ontario University & College Health Association is to develop and pursue all measures which will preserve and improve the health of university and college students and their respective communities. The Association develops an orderly means for reaching a consensus on matters which relate to Health Services concerns and articulates those concerns and opinions to other related associations’ agencies’ institutions and/or government on behalf of its Membership.

American College Health Association (US)

The American College Health Association (ACHA) has linked college health professionals throughout the nation (and more recently around the globe), forming a powerful, collaborative networking base. This unique synthesis of vision and knowledge, of practice and policy, can guide and support you and your health service, your health programs, and your professional development.

Centre for Innovations in Campus Mental Health

Our Mission: to help Ontario’s colleges and universities enhance capacity to support student mental health and well-being. Our Vision: to optimize mental health and well-being for Ontario’s postsecondary students.

Housing & Residence Life

 The Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers (OACUHO)

A not-for-profit organization which attaches great importance to support all facets of University and College housing operations, student success and the academic mission of the institutions in which each member serves.

Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I)

The ACUHO-I Foundation was formed in 1988 to provide a way for individuals, institutions, corporations, government agencies, and other foundations to support the collegiate housing profession through gifts and grants. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $1 million used to fund commissioned research, study tours, conference speakers, institutes, and scholarships.

Learning Supports

Inter-University Disability Issues Association (IDIA) Conference

Inter-University Disability Issues Association is an association of disability service providers from Universities throughout Ontario. Working together, Universities can share ideas and strategies to overcome issues and problems, allowing students with disabilities across Ontario to succeed in post-secondary education.

Learning Specialist LSAC Conference (National and Eastern)

The principal purpose of the Learning Specialists Association of Canada is to provide national and regional leadership on issues relevant to our members; promote the professional status of our members; develop, encourage, and support sound professional and ethical standards among our members; facilitate the networking of our members to share information and hold conferences and other gatherings; support the professional development and practice of our members; present, publish, and disseminate research and discussion material appropriate to our members; and serve as a link with other similar organizations internationally.

Canadian Writing Centres Association (CWCA)

The CWCA/ACCR is a bilingual community of writing practitioners, as well as people and groups interested in Canadian Writing Centres, their administration, and their services. The purpose is to enable sharing of resources, experiences, ideas, and scholarship with the aim of enriching the services provided to students in higher education across Canada.

Annual Conference of the First Year Experience

The Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience provides an ongoing forum where higher education professionals can share experiences, concerns, and accomplishments related to supporting student learning, development, and success in the first college year.

International Writing Centers Association

The International Writing Centers Association, a National Council of Teachers of English affiliate founded in 1983, fosters the development of writing centre directors, tutors, and staff by sponsoring meetings, publications, and other professional activities; by encouraging scholarship connected to writing centre-related fields; and by providing an international forum for writing centre concerns.

Annual Conference of AHEAD

AHEAD is a professional membership organization for individuals involved in the development of policy and in the provision of quality services to meet the needs of persons with disabilities involved in all areas of higher education.

Ryerson Faculty Conference

A conference hosted by Ryerson University’s Learning & Teaching Office, the mission of which is to provide professional development in teaching for faculty at all stages of their careers.

Annual Conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

STLHE strives to be the pre-eminent national voice, and a world leader, for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. The Society supports research, its dissemination, increased awareness, and application of research through scholarly teaching and learning.

Guelph Accessibility Conference

The University of Guelph Accessibility Conference welcomes both accessibility novices and experts, and encourages attendees to build communities and exchange ideas.

Computer Based Math Education Summit

Computer-Based Math (CBM) was founded to push the reset button on the school subject of math so it truly reflects today’s real-world subject of math, with its vitally important applications. This can only happen if we use computers in school as we do in the real world: to replace humans for calculating.

Conference on College Composition and Communication

The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) supports and promotes the teaching and study of college composition and communication by 1) sponsoring meetings and publishing scholarly materials for the exchange of knowledge about composition, composition pedagogy, and rhetoric; 2) supporting a wide range of research on composition, communication, and rhetoric; 3) working to enhance the conditions for learning and teaching college composition and to promote professional development; and 4) acting as an advocate for language and literacy education nationally and internationally.

Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

CSUN Center on Disabilities—Email:; Phone: (818) 677-2578

Student Life (Transition, Leadership, Orientation, etc.)

Association for Orientation, Transition, Retention in Higher Education (NODA)

The mission of NODA is to provide education, leadership and professional development in the fields of college student orientation, transition and retention.

The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition

Hosts professional development events including conferences, institutes, and workshops each year to address current trends, issues, and high impact practices affecting college students in transition. The Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience focuses on first-year student programs and initiatives.

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