Do you know what assessment is? How to do it? Do you have questions?

Assessment starts with curiosity; wondering if the work you do all day is actually making a difference:

  • Is it contributing to your goals?
  • What about the goals of your unit or department?
  • How about the institution?

We can figure out all of these things simply by asking questions, being observant, writing it down, and trying to use that information to be better at what we do.


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Assessment & You

Last year, Lesley D’Souza took us on a journey into the world of Assessment & You, a series designed to build assessment capacity amongst student affairs professionals, as well as contribute to the development of a culture of assessment for Student Affairs in Canada. Whether you were an experienced assessor or a complete newbie, she introduced us to in-depth knowledge on best practices, methods, and how-tos, establishing a strong understanding of the basics of assessment.

Assessment & You II: Coast to Coast

This year she continues to develop your assessment knowledge in Assessment & You II: Coast to Coast. Joined by fellow assessment colleagues from across the country, Lesley and crew will dive into different perspectives regarding data, evaluation, and knowledge, building the conversation around assessment in Canada.



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