09 Sep 2016

How Star Wars Relates to Mentoring

Have ever seen a Star Wars movie, or engaged with the Star Wars universe in any of its many forms? Are you familiar with “the

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Allysa sits on both sides of the desk, questioning, "What do I do?" and telling herself, "What do you think you should do?"
03 Feb 2016

Flipping the Question: An Effective Mentoring Technique

In my final year of university, the question constantly cycling through my mind was, ”What do I do with my life after I graduate?” So

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The TMP appreciation dinner is keynoted by Blair Francey.
02 Jul 2015

TMP Closing Event: Blair Francey’s Perspective on Mentorship Speech

Mentoring is something extraordinary. It gives someone the opportunity to help another person create and cultivate themself to realize their own potential. The Tri-Mentoring Program

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25 Feb 2015

My No-Hug Policy: the Power of Earning

The No-Hug Policy: I, Jennifer Barcelona, Program Facilitator of the Tri-Mentoring Program at Ryerson University, do hereby declare that no student will get a hug

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26 Nov 2014

Vulnerability and Other Demons: The Importance of Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

My hands are sweaty and I can feel that vertigo sensation on my feet…What am I getting myself in to? Am I showing too much

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