In the forest, on a fallen log, a person's legs are visible. They balance on the log, trying not to fall off on either side. Will they keep their footing or come crashing to the ground...? We'll never know. (This is a picture, just that one moment, frozen in time. But the top definitely stopped spinning.)
16 May 2017

Balancing Life: Inside and Out

Welcome to Focus On Emotions, an article series that will delve into our emotional depths, getting at one inalienable truth: emotions matter. Our culture generally

Sarah Thompson 0
One hand holds the pen; the other the magnifying glass. The book is open between them—we are going to look closely at that which we know.
21 Dec 2016

In 250 Words: In What Areas Should SA Take a Critical Look Inwards?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Student Affairs is full of passionate, caring people. It’s not a prerequisite, but it is the

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Rudhra's hand, surrounded by darkness, reaches up for the light.
15 Aug 2016

How “Fade to Black” Became “We’re Going to Make It”: A Personal Reflection of the Last Year

At the beginning of the last academic year, much like some of the students we work with, I was excited for the opportunities for growth

Rudhra Persad 3
John takes a moment, on his birthday, to contemplate the things he's learned, and what he really, truly, knows.
07 Apr 2016

Appreciating Life’s Lessons: 44 Things I Know

Today is my 44th birthday, and I’ve noticed that something unexpected has happened to me as I get older. I think more about stuff that

John Austin 6
A Question Posed, November 2015
30 Nov 2015

A Question Posed to SA Folks: Are We Reactive, or Proactive, With Self-Care?

Rolling into my fourth month as a Student Affairs Professional, I finally have the time to look at the overarching feeling that I think encompasses

Allysa Martinez 5