Black ink swirls
30 Jun 2017

My Sparkling Trail of Courage and Failure

About 1 ½ years ago, I wrote about creativity in the Student Affairs workplace for this very blog.  Now I’m tasked with writing about ‘failure’

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The night sky opens up over a silhouetted forest; the galaxy, bring and bold, is backdrop for a shooting star. A faint outline of the 5 Factor Model hangs in the sky, the shooting star hitting it dead centre in mindfulness...
06 Mar 2017

The 5 Factor Model of Resilience

This article was originally published in the magazine TEDxRyersonU: Lenses in March 2017. When I was a little girl I used to wish upon a star;

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After a loss, the team huddles together after the game, in the middle of the field, finding their fortitude to do better next time.
22 Jul 2016

Cheap Plastic Trophies: The Great Error Concerning Self-Esteem

A small geographical region in West Africa is home to about 5 million people known as the Kalenjin. Out of this tiny pool of the

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Light cascading down through wooden beams, supporting the pillars that hold them up.
02 May 2016

ThriveRU: A Framework of Beams

I dabble in carpentry. And, in that dabbling full of trial, and error, and observation, I’ve come to (pretentiously) understand this: carpentry is about the

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Simon's Live-In SA professional apartment.
20 Apr 2016

Working in Housing: The Life of a Live-In Pro

In the 8 years since I began my undergraduate degree I have lived in 9 different residence buildings. All of my adult life I have

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