Students and staff help new students moving into residence unload vehicles and prepare for undergrad
02 Sep 2016

Transitions, Intersections, and Thresholds

Last Sunday morning, I volunteered to help with Ryerson’s Housing & Residence  Move-In Day. My assigned task was “Pit Unload”. Amidst a team of student

Deena Shaffer 2
02 Feb 2015

Connecting Meaning to Purpose: RyersonSA PD Conference 2015

On January 29, 2015, a surprisingly warm morning for the heart of a Canadian winter, Ryerson staff gathered up tablets, books, pens; made the last

RyersonSA 3
10 Sep 2014

Educational Poetry

I had seized a moment, after the commotion of setting up camp, to recline on a flat place by the water’s edge and listen to

John Hannah 2
10 Sep 2014

Portage 2014: Finding Awe in the Woods

I admit that I didn’t fully know why we were going. From my own camping trips, I understood that time in the woods was a

Deena Shaffer 2