Students at Orientation Week walk through the sunny Quad
28 Jun 2017

Failing “Akeisha”: Who Isn’t Coming to Orientation Week?

Orientation Week. The big, “Welcome to Ryerson!” We plan for months to create this inviting, inclusive space, accessible to all incoming students—and only a handful

Akeisha Lari 0
Akeisha is an on the ground coodrinator...not to mention a mom!
20 Nov 2015

“On The Ground” Coordinator

Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Akeisha Lari and I am the Interim Coordinator, Student Life Programs. I am covering a one

Akeisha Lari 2
This is the Busy Monster, that thing which feasts on your To-Do List and confuses motion for action.
27 Aug 2015

Don’t Forget the Pause Button: Why You Should Take the Time to Enjoy Orientation Week

Pausing in 3… 2… 1… Let’s just get this out of the way up front: Orientation Week—it starts in 3 days. Now, don’t you feel

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11 Feb 2015

Like Our Students Do: My Recent Experience with Transition

I have been thinking a lot about change and transition lately. In truth, I have been thinking about it quite intensely for the past six

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