Close up on a letter slot in a door. The word "LETTERS" in relief on the flap.
26 Jan 2017

What’s In Your Letter?

Dear Student, As you travel on your journey through higher education, you will, at times, face the following dilemma: “Do I figure this out all

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Woman in front of canoe, paddling.
08 Aug 2016

Different Strokes: The “J”

People often ask me what we do in the Writing Centre—a fair question, the answer to which is relatively straightforward: we support students in the

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CACUSS Presenter stands on stage, dropping knowledge on the crowd.
29 Jul 2016

Conference Reflection: CACUSS 2016

On June 19, 2016, hundreds of Student Affairs professionals from across Canada and around the globe descended upon Winnipeg for the annual Canadian Association of

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You know you work in student affairs when...
17 Apr 2015

You Know You Work in Student Affairs (At Ryerson) When…

10) You have suffered from beard or sock envy at least once in the past 12 months. 9) You have hugged or received a hug

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10 Sep 2014

Educational Poetry

I had seized a moment, after the commotion of setting up camp, to recline on a flat place by the water’s edge and listen to

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10 Sep 2014

Portage 2014: Finding Awe in the Woods

I admit that I didn’t fully know why we were going. From my own camping trips, I understood that time in the woods was a

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