Students in the SLC
26 Jun 2017

No Time to Wait: the On-Going Journey to Support Students in a Timely Fashion

Waiting. It’s seems almost inescapable, especially in our city where we wait in line-ups for food, a place on public transit, and a space on

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Student Leaders, ready to burst out of the stairwell to engage the crowd at Orientation.
24 Aug 2016

Asking the Obvious: Why Does Student Affairs Engage Students During Orientation?

This Sunday, after days (in some cases, weeks) of student staff training, Ryerson University kicks-off Orientation by moving 900+ students into Residence, followed by a

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19 Aug 2015

The Role of Student Affairs in Higher Education

The other day, one of my friends and colleagues at Ryerson University, in a quest to define the real value of Student Affairs, asked me,

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20 Oct 2014

Why Philanthropic Outreach in Student Affairs?

Philanthropic outreach is a major priority for Ryerson’s new academic plan and #RyersonSA’s Social, Outreach, and Recognition committee, and it’s a great way to get

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03 Oct 2014

#RyersonSA All-Staff Meeting 2014

Yesterday, dozens of Ryerson Student Affairs professionals crowded into the 7th floor of Heaslip House to hear our Executive Director, John Austin, present on where

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