RyersonSA 5 pillars: Community
21 Oct 2015

Connecting the Pillars: A Healthy Community

As #RyersonSA gears up for its annual Fall Summit meeting, we’re taking a few moments to reflect on the 5 Pillars that are the values and

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Health Promotions table is set up, ready and waiting for the Our Health Campus participants to arrive.
18 Jun 2015

Enriching Our Students’ Learning: the Experiential Process

As supervisors for work study or placement students, we are tasked with enriching our students learning experience. In the Health Promotion unit, self directed learning

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Our data is like streams of computer code raining down over the world.
08 May 2015

Postcard Report: Health Data So Darn Awesome It Sings

I get thrown a lot of a different data. Miserable data, confounding data… and every now and then, data that’s so darn awesome it makes

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