Students at Orientation Week walk through the sunny Quad
28 Jun 2017

Failing “Akeisha”: Who Isn’t Coming to Orientation Week?

Orientation Week. The big, “Welcome to Ryerson!” We plan for months to create this inviting, inclusive space, accessible to all incoming students—and only a handful

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Looking up, through very thick trees, you can just see a spot of light, the sun and sky, but thought tiny it shines brightly.
13 Dec 2016

Beginnings of Knowing: A Story

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s Final Report is hovering, waiting for us to read, write, and develop programs in response to their findings. I feel

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Dreggy ("Drag Eggy", a plush Eggy toy dressed in drag) takes a selfie in front of a Ryerson University sign.
27 Jun 2016

Feeling Proud at the Intersection

From June 27–July 1, visit the #RyersonSA blog for Identity Intersections: Building a Proud Campus from the Whole Self, a series written by members of

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Sharing ideas, walk and talk, all on the shores of Lake Devo.
28 Mar 2016

Facilitating Equity

A number of Student Affairs All-Staff Days have passed since our Executive Director asked for suggestions on using more inclusive language, asking for feedback on

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Barack Obama gives the State of the Union.
22 Jan 2016

Four Questions for Higher Education from Obama’s Final State of the Union

I was a political science major in undergrad but, to be honest, I had no real clue why. I changed majors half-dozen times (it was

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Jean-Pierre Fernandes shows his excitment against the stunning backdrop of the Grand Canyon.
21 Aug 2015

Staff Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Fernandes

Welcome to Staff Spotlight, where we give the members of #RyersonSA the opportunity to discuss everything from their own approach to the industry to their

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The roundtable discussion surrounds a large question mark that sits in the middle of the table.
12 Aug 2015

What Do You Think?: Questions Raised from the Inter-Universities Forum

In May, I was given the opportunity to join professionals from various Ontario university career centres who gathered for the Inter-Universities Forum at the University

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24 Oct 2014

Staff Spotlight: Andrew Bisnauth

Details: Position: Orientation and Events Specialist Department: Student Life Programs Questions What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office? First thing

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