Staff and students share a laugh at a table
29 Jun 2017

On When a Fresh Coat of Paint Isn’t Enough

It was November 2015 and I was holding my last of a series of focus groups concerning a proposed rebrand of the former Work Study

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A view of City Hall and a Canadian flag in Nathan Phillips Square
19 Jun 2017

Truths & Aspirations: RyersonSA’s Critical Reflection on Past Failures and Future Growth

As we get engage in the nationwide Canada150 conversations and – tenuous – celebrations, RyersonSA chose to reflect on our past and consider our aspirations

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Cover of Ombudsperson Report 2014/15: Coloured Circles, each representing a recommendation inside.
24 Jan 2017

Response to the 2014/2015 Ombudsperson at Ryerson Annual Report

The 2014/2015 Ombudsperson at Ryerson Annual Report reminds us about the importance of empathy as a principle to animate our daily work with students and

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A crowd of students listens to sexual violence education.
17 Aug 2016

Empathy in Social Change

This post was originally published in March 2014. Ian had participated in a meeting the previous December that brought up the conversation of sexual assault

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Rudhra's hand, surrounded by darkness, reaches up for the light.
15 Aug 2016

How “Fade to Black” Became “We’re Going to Make It”: A Personal Reflection of the Last Year

At the beginning of the last academic year, much like some of the students we work with, I was excited for the opportunities for growth

Rudhra Persad 3
An open book, turned to empathy. The story unfolds.
12 Aug 2016

Empathy as a Path to Change

In the wake of the furor over #Brexit, I was struck by an indelible truth about what had happened. Most were flabbergasted with the affirmative

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Alicia poses for the camera beneath a "Welcome Back!" banner, her first day after mat-leave.
01 Apr 2016

Caregiving in Student Affairs

When I was a young woman pursuing higher education, I struggled to understand the importance of caregiving. I admired role models who excelled at competition

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Ian Crookshank sits with his housing guitar, contemplating his last 20 years of work...
05 Feb 2016

Emotional and Practical Learnings from 20 Years of Working

The year was 1993. I had just turned 15 when my father walked into the house and told me he had found me a job.

Ian Crookshank 3
Your story is you, and it sits in your head, made up of all the emotions you experience and have experienced.
16 Sep 2015

Empathy is Risky Business

What would it mean to truly build a culture of resilience? Of compassion? Of empathy? Could we do it at Ryerson? I was contemplating this

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We can't ever forget to not do harm, regardless the policies we create intended to help.
25 Jun 2015

Finding Empathy: When Systems Meant To Help, Harm

The year is 2011 (January in fact) and I had just started a new role in residence life at another institution. This position was in

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SA Creative's CACUSS 2015 acrostic poem
19 Jun 2015

Creative’s CACUSS 2015 Conference Experience: An Acrostic Poem

Co-written by: Bailey Parnell, Donica Willis, Hamza Khan, Tesni Ellis, and Troy Murray. When we racked our brains for how we could share our CACUSS

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Rachel considers the merits of the word courage, over brave.
23 Apr 2015

Creating Courageous Spaces

On April 2, 2015, I attended Creating Brave Spaces: a Community Forum on Privilege and Our Shared Responsibility as a panelist. As part of this

Rachel Barreca 2