Students in the SLC
26 Jun 2017

No Time to Wait: the On-Going Journey to Support Students in a Timely Fashion

Waiting. It’s seems almost inescapable, especially in our city where we wait in line-ups for food, a place on public transit, and a space on

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She stands beneath the tree, one hand on its bark, looking up at her potential in the future.
05 Oct 2016

In 250 Words: Why Get a Postsecondary Education?

I’m still completely absorbed with looking for the deep meaning of education (thanks in no small part to John Hannah’s Open Letter to Students), but

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RyersonSA 5 pillars: learning
16 Oct 2015

Connecting the Pillars: Learning Where You Live

As #RyersonSA gears up for its annual Fall Summit meeting, we’re taking a few moments to reflect on the 5 Pillars that are the values and

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A word cloud of my Reports Worth Reading article.
08 May 2015

Reports Worth Reading: What I Learned in Phase 1

“I like this idea of giving a human face to reports by making them an experience-sharing vehicle, rather than an admin ordeal.” — Françoise Soria,

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