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Staff Spotlight: Kate Bullock

Welcome to Staff Spotlight, where we give the members of #RyersonSA the opportunity to discuss everything from their own approach to the industry to their favourite literature. Swing by to get to know your colleagues a little bit better.

Position: Campus Engagement Consultant
Department: Career Centre

What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office?

Open up my email and immediately take a look at my calendar. I live by my Google Calendar, so to be honest, I’ve probably already viewed it from my phone the night before and early that morning, so there shouldn’t be any surprises!

In your view what makes Ryerson unique?

Ryerson’s “yes” attitude towards new ideas and creative solutions.

What is something that you wish more people knew about about your position?

My team knows that traditional recruitment channels and methods aren’t as effective for some employers as they’ve been historically. We want to hear from students and employers about how they want to connect with each other on campus, and we’re excited to try out new approaches.

What made you to decide to work in Student Affairs?  If you hadn’t chosen SA, what would you be doing right now?

My background is in HR and campus recruitment, primarily hiring co-op students and new grads. My interest in experiential learning programs led me to Ryerson’s Co-op Office in 2014, and my move to SA and the Career Centre in 2015 happened very naturally. I am very interested in learning about all the other “pieces” that contribute to a student’s postsecondary experience, particularly the functions built to support students through their learning and career journeys.

Where is your favourite place to be outside of work?

On a dock, at a cottage, in August. No further explanation necessary 🙂

What’s your favourite book?

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer. I think that book will stay with me for a long time.

What’s your top App?

Joining SA made me realize that it was finally time to get on the Twitter train, so that’s a pretty big staple for me right now, especially because I’m still learning the ropes. Other than that, I love to use Keep to stay organized and to make lists. Both these apps are in addition to Google Calendar, which of course is my true #1.

What’s something about you that people are always surprised to learn?

I’m a bit of a serial hobbyist. I jump from activity to activity, which means I’ve tried some neat things, but haven’t developed many talent show worthy performances.

What’s your favourite spot on campus?

The sunny spot next to POD-250 is a great place to get some vitamin D in the winter months without going outside. The quad is the best in the summer for chilling out over lunch hour.

In what ways have you found Student Affairs to differ from your previous work experiences?

SA has done a great job uniting its organizations, teams, and offices together to work towards common goals and to feel like one big team. I think that’s a tough thing to accomplish with such a large group and it’s not something you see done well or often.

What is something you are doing to increase the impact of Student Affairs at Ryerson?

Joining Student Affairs with an employer perspective still fairly fresh in my head has allowed me to consider the client (in my case, the employer) experience. Particularly for my role at the Career Centre, the better we understand employer needs and processes, the better we can facilitate effective opportunities for students to make connections and find rewarding careers.

When I started working in Student Affairs I wish I had known:

That everyone in SA seems to prefer tea over coffee. I don’t get my coffee fix nearly enough these days!

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  • Troy Murray

    I’m not sure your sample size of coffee to tea drinkers in #RyersonSA was large enough to form that hypothesis. That being said, if you ever need your coffee fix, you know where to find me (and I know where to find the other coffee drinkers).