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Staff Spotlight: Annie Jiang

Welcome to Staff Spotlight, where we give the members of #RyersonSA the opportunity to discuss everything from their own approach to the industry to their favourite literature. Swing by to get to know your colleagues a little bit better.

Position: International Student Advisor
Department: International Student Support

What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office?

I check my calendar and my to-do list to prioritize my tasks.

In your view what makes Ryerson unique?

Inclusive environment, great energy, and brave innovation.

What is something that you wish more people knew about about your position?

We not only provide services to international students, we also help them learn, develop, and thrive. Immigration advising for international students is not only about making sure they keep a valid status in Canada, it is also a way of educating them to be mindful, responsible, and effective.

What made you to decide to work in Student Affairs? If you hadn’t chosen SA, what would you be doing right now?

I enjoy working with students and for students. I feel fulfilled when I see them making achievements and grow. I feel proud to be part of their journey in post-secondary education. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to work in SA, I would probably be working in an international company.

Where is your favourite place to be outside of work?

Be at home with my family. I enjoy the conversation and comfortness at home.

What’s your favourite book?

My favourite one would be A Dream of Red Mansions, one of the four Chinese most classic novels. It is a masterpiece in the history of Chinese modern literature. The novel is generally acknowledged to be the pinnacle of Chinese fiction.

What’s your top App?

WeChat. It is a very important way to keep me connected with my family back home.

Name the individual(s) who have made the greatest impact in your career?

My professor from the Queen’s University, Xuelin Bai—she encouraged me to explore a different field of study when I was having difficulties looking for an ideal position after graduation; my previous supervisor, Haroon Chaudhry from University of Regina—he led me into the field of international student services; my current supervisor, Arif Abu, who has been guiding me to grow tremendously in the world of international education as well as Student Affairs. Lastly, my parents who always support me to follow my passion and pursue my dreams.

What’s something about you that people are always surprised to learn?

I studied German language and literature as my first Master’s degree. People always become interested in learning about my previous study life in China and in Canada, as well as my experience being an exchange student to Germany.

What’s your favourite spot on campus?

Student Learning Centre. I like the design, the colourfulness, and the larges windows on each floor where students meet up, study, relax, and enjoy.

In what ways have you found Student Affairs to differ from your previous work experiences?

In my previous position, everything that I experienced was only about international—the people I worked with closely were international admission and recruitment, international partnership, and international student services. Working at Ryerson’s Student Affairs is like opening so many doors to various areas. It makes me understand the work of different departments so I am able to better support our students.

What’s your self-care like?

I enjoy taking a walk or making myself a tea while watching a good movie.

What is something you are doing to increase the impact of Student Affairs at Ryerson?

The work that my team members and I at ISS are doing is focusing  on personal development. We provide transitional and transformative support to the international community on campus. We empower our students to reach their goals. We raise the awareness of internationalization on campus and help to create an inclusive campus environment.

When I started working in Student Affairs I wish I had known:

Working in Student Affairs means working closely and collaboratively with other units—everyone is supporting each other!

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