Welcome to #SAcdn Stories, an on-going initiative that highlights Student Affairs practices, thoughts, and learning from institutions across Canada.

Since its creation in 2013, the #RyersonSA blog has helped us create a strong, professional SA community at Ryerson, allowing staff across the division to share stories and insights, learn from and collaborate together on a variety of new projects, and muse together on all things student affairs. We’ve grown and become stronger as an SA division for it, but #RyersonSA’s stories are only one perspective. As a collective, RyersonSA needs to learn more about how other professionals do SA work so that we can contextualize our own experiences and how we fit into a greater whole.

Every year the #SAcdn field continues to grow through the efforts of motivated professionals and our national association, CACUSS. As SA professionals, we need and want to do our part to support this growth in Canada. By providing the platform for you to share your stories and perspectives, we seek to help build this national community that will learn from one another’s successes, failures, learning, experiments, musings, practices, and experience so we can continue to grow together.

Carleton University — Student Learning

March 20–23, 2017

We are part of the Carleton University’s Residence Life Services Team where our focus is the student learning that takes place in residence. We think of ourselves as educators as student learning happens in a variety of ways outside the classroom. In residence, we see it most often through community development initiatives, leadership opportunities, moments of reflection and meaning making based on their lived experiences, and incorporating learning into student conduct. We also need to be able to answer, how do you know this learning has occurred? Join us on our series where we describe how transformational learning can make an impact on our students’ lives.

  • Connecting Learning to the Spiritual
  • Connecting Student Learning to Student Leadership
  • Connecting Student Learning to Your Conduct Process
  • Assessing Student Learning Outside the Classroom

#SAcdn Stories: Carleton University Student Learning in Residence Life Services March 20–23, 2017 RyersonStudentAffairs.com @CarletonRes @RyersonSA

#SAcdn Stories aren’t just service level musings. They’re meant to dig deep into Student Affairs, uncovering the roots of successful practice across the country and challenging the faltering. With data, empathy, research, and creativity, we share what we do, what we’ve learned, and where Student Affairs in Canada has/will/is going.

When thinking about your stories, consider:

  • moments of change on your campus—are there areas for growth that are acknowledged and changed; external trends/events that are/have influenced change?
  • what’s at stake—and why does it matter?
  • the truth of your story, and the meaning it reveals—bring your data, your assessment, your research.
  • your authentic voice—who should be telling this story? Are the impacted represented? Who initiated the change?

We’re here to help you fit your story into an appropriate shape, but the narrative itself is yours to mould. You may want to include calls to action for #SAcdn, or invite feedback and dialogue; perhaps place a spotlight on new challenges or trends in higher education. This is your #SAcdn Story.

When you’re ready to start shaping your #SAcdn Story, let us know at studentaffairs@ryerson.ca.
Tell us whatever you think we need to know in your first email, but try to include:
  • What happened?
  • What will happen?
  • What should happen?
  • What made that happen?
  • How did people respond?