#SAcdn StoriesCarleton University—Student Learning

#SAcdn Stories: Carleton University—Student Learning

We are part of the Carleton University’s Residence Life Services Team where our focus is the student learning that takes place in residence. We think of ourselves as educators as student learning happens in a variety of ways outside the classroom. In residence, we see it most often through community development initiatives, leadership opportunities, moments of reflection and meaning making based on their lived experiences, and incorporating learning into student conduct. We also need to be able to answer, how do you know this learning has occurred? Join us for our series where we describe how transformational learning can make an impact on our students’ lives.

March 20–23, 2017

A large computer screen with a mountain range background dominates the photo, in the top corner on a tiny Post-It note, a list of Goals: "Graduate, Get a job in my field; Find purpose?"

Photo by: Kitty Zhang

Connecting Learning to the Spiritual

March 20, 2017

“…what are we doing for our students to help them explore their purpose? To explore the interconnectedness of our world and their place within it? We have an opportunity—and a need—to reconsider our focus on the soul and the self-exploration that should come with a university experience.



A collage of plants, solar panels, and sprouting green stuff. This Student Led Initiative sees a residence greenhouse...flourish...Connecting Student Learning to Student Leadership

March 21, 2017

“…we have recently introduced a curricular approach in which we design intentional learning and leading opportunities to guide our student experience. Our educational priority for the residents in our community is that ‘living in residence at Carleton University will cultivate engaged leaders in their current and future communities.'”


Connecting Student Learning to Your Student Conduct Process

March 22, 2017

“Our residence student conduct approach has a student-centred focus and is in place to support our residents in learning and personal development. Through engagement and reflection, the process provides students the opportunity to be accountable to their community and contributing to the high standards of living and expectations in residence.”

Students at a whiteboard writing the word assessment, but its cool, they've already done their CATs, maps, and conversations.

Photo by: Lucas Gobert

Assessing Student Learning: Purpose, Development, and Student Conduct

March 23, 2017

“Truthfully, we should all see ourselves as educators, but that is not a term to be taken lightly. With the role comes a responsibility to continuously monitor how successfully we are offering programs and activities that enhance our students’ learning … assessment is everyone’s responsibility.”