(APRIL 26, 2017) Diana Brecher talks intellectual humility with the Walrus.

(APRIL 11, 2017) Deena Shaffer’s piece, Heeding the Call(s), is reposted on University Affairs. (Original post.)

(APRIL 5, 2017) John Hannah and Brandon Smith talk “helicopter parentings” with University Affairs.

(APRIL 2017) Natalie Roach’s workshop inspires LTO Best Practices issue on mental wellbeing in the classroom.

(MARCH 1, 2017) Deena Shaffer talks growth mindset and grit on Alive.com.

(FEBRUARY 23, 2017) Caroline Konrad talks with the Star about Ryerson’s career education strategy.

(FEBRUARY 17, 2017) Deena Shaffer talks Mood Routes with the Ryersonian.

(FEBRUARY 7, 2017) RUTV News features Diana Brecher on resilience as a student.

(NOVEMBER 21, 2016) The Ryersonian gives some love to #RUkind; featuring Andrew Bisnauth & Bailey Parnell.

(NOVEMBER 21, 2016) Deena Shaffer talks burn out with the Toronto Sun.

(OCTOBER 5, 2016) Jesmen Mendoza offers students facing the “Turkey Drop” advice.

(SEPTEMBER 20, 2016) Deena Shaffer talks about successful transition to higher-ed.

(SEPTEMBER 5, 2016) Arif Abu talks about the Toronto’s International Students Welcome Program.

(SEPTEMBER 2, 2016) Akeisha Lari talks the benefits of postsecondary students to Toronto in Metro.

(AUGUST 27, 2016) CTV Toronto talks Ryerson University Orientation.

(AUGUST 26, 2016) Caroline Konrad speaks to The Morning Show about launching your career before the end of school.

(AUGUST 28, 2016) Move-In Day 2016 photo album on TheStar.com.

(AUGUST 24, 2016) Bronwyn Dickson talks about RU Therapy Dogs on “The Morning Show”.

(AUGUST 22, 2016) Diana Brecher’s article on dealing with anxiety is referenced in an article on Psychology Today.

(AUGUST 17, 2016) Joana Londono emphasizes reading course materials to get over summer mode.

(AUGUST 1, 2016) Jen Gonzales talks the “game-changing” nature of Drake’s appearence(s) on campus.

(JULY 22, 2016) Juannittah Kamera is feature in the Faculty of Community Services Imprint Magazine, page 35.

(JUNE 1, 2016) Career Centre won four awards from the national Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers. 

(FEBRUARY 10, 2016) Housing & Residence Life’s Commuter Hostel is featured on University Affairs.

(FEBRUARY 8, 2016) Christina Halliday talks to Breakfast Television about the SLC building.

(OCTOBER 6, 2015) Ian Crookshank talks to the Toronto Star about Housing’s new Commuter Hotel.

(SEPTEMBER 3, 2015) TMP receives a $1 million gift: Globe and Mail; Nation TalkAcademica Top 10 (Sept. 4, 2015).

(SEPTEMBER 1, 2015) Caroline Konrad talks to 680 News about career development throughout a student’s higher Ed.

(AUGUST 13, 2015) Kaitlyn Taylor-Asquini talks to the Toronto Sun about RyersonSA’s new Leadership program.

(JUNE 2015) Bailey Parnell is off to share her talent at CBC, the official broadcaster of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.

(APRIL 14, 2015) Caroline Konrad talks with CBC’s Metro Morning about Ryerson’s new approach to Career Services.

(MARCH 23, 2015) Hamza Khan chats with the Star about Kanye West, waking up at 5 a.m. day, and holacracy.

(WINTER 2015) Tesni Ellis, Deena Shaffer, and John Hannah get published in the CACUSS publication, Communique.

(MARCH 19, 2015) Toronto universities team up on foreign student peer group.

(MARCH 16, 2015) Global News shares how Ryerson Therapy dogs help students release stress before exams.

(MARCH 17, 2015) Heather Lane Vetere shares her “In Their Shoes” Project with the Star.

(MARCH 2015) Ian Crookshank shares Student Housing and Residence Life’s unique hiring processes.

(JANUARY 28, 2015) Bailey Parnell talks about how hashtags connect people; #BellLetstalk.

(JANUARY 15, 2015) Annie Jiang attends CBIE’s Annual Conference as an INTL bursary recipient.

(JANUARY 7, 2015) Rudhra Persad’ shares how volunteering at the YMCA gave him a new start.

(SEPTEMBER 3, 2014) Bronwyn Dickson offers helpful tips for navigating a new school year on CTV News.

(NOVEMBER 2014)-Bailey Parnell’s RTA project, The Gen Y Perspective, is featured on CTV Toronto news.

(NOVEMBER 3, 2014)-Tesni Ellis talks about the global twitter conversation about unreported rape.

(SEPTEMBER 8, 2014)-Mariam Hashemi talks about Access TMP

(AUGUST 20, 2014)-Hamza Khan discusses Student Life’s Digital Strategy.

(JULY 7th, 2014)-Anastasia discusses Shift on Metro Morning.

(MARCH 27, 2014)-Writing Centre Initiative in the Ryersonian.

(MARCH 27, 2014)-Hamza Khan in the Ryersonian.

(FEBRUARY 10, 2014 pg 12)-Deena Shaffer in 24 Hours Toronto.

(DECEMBER 30, 2013)-Hamza Khan on CTV News.

(NOVEMBER 28, 2013)-Marc Emond,  Bronwyn Dickson and Andrea Moon on CTV *2 links*

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