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Our Time To Swim: The Future of Disability Support Services at Ryerson

As more and more students across Ontario enter university with identified disabilities, Ryerson must rise to the ethical, moral, and legal challenge of supporting all students to achieve academic success and engagement. Academic Accommodation Support (AAS)—Ryerson’s disability support office—presents Our Time To Swim, a week-long series about why disability support is so important—from legal, ethical, and moral standpoints—and looks to the future of disability support here at Ryerson.

In this series, get inside the high-stakes, rewarding work of making Ryerson education accessible to all students; learn more about the landscape of disability service provision in postsecondary education in Ontario; hear from AAS staff about the day to day, felt-experience of working with students who have complex needs, and hear from one of those students about her story of success; finally, join us in looking to the future and how AAS and Ryerson University can be leaders in transformative disability support services in Ontario and across Canada.

As this critical juncture approaches, we find ourselves in deep and churning waters—as an academic unit, as well as a community with and for students with disabilities. We are afloat, but we need to swim … to make Ryerson fully accessible and fully exceptional.

Our Time To Swim: the Critical Juncture for Ryerson’s Disability Services Office

February 27, 2017

Join Christina Halliday, director of Student Learning Support, as she introduces Our Time To Swim and the crux moment that AAS faces in enabling student engagement and success through exceptional experiences.

Books piled on the edge of a desk, hands in the background busy integrating pedagogy into AAS.

Our Time To Swim: the Undertides and Undertones of Accommodation Facilitation

February 28, 2017

Learn about the roots of disability services, embedded in a pedagogical anti-oppression, social justice framework, designed to support students “as they transition into, through, and out of post-secondary education”.

A facilitator talks to students; overlayed on top of the image—a chart of the exponential student registrants in AAS...

Our Time To Swim: Contextualizing Staff Burnout in Disability Services in Higher Education

March 1, 2017

As the risk of staff burnout in this high-touch, high-need environment rises, understand the larger context of what’s going on in disability services across Ontario and the impact this has on Ryerson staff, students, and faculty.

My Time To Swim: A Student’s Academic Accommodation Support Story

March 1, 2017

Michelle, a student, share’s her powerful story about finding academic success through her time with AAS: “It has been a lot of hard work, and there have been more than a few tears shed, but I am so proud of myself and thankful to the AAS team for helping me to get to where I am today.”

Our Time To Swim: Turning the Tide

March 2, 2017

Through a series of interviews with twenty experts on and off campus, Turning the Tide is a curated “what if?” story about big dreams regarding what disability services could be on Ryerson campus, what it should be, and how we can get there.

Our Time To Swim: Navigating the New Waters of Disability Support

March 3, 2017

Join Marc Emond, Acting Assistant Director, Academic Accommodation and Learning, as he pitches a model for how AAS functions on campus, one that supports student success and establishes Ryerson University as a leader in postsecondary disability services in Canada.