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It Can’t Be Business As Usual: Walk the Talk

 This article was co-authored by Tesni Ellis.


Have you started your idea?

Two weeks ago we told you why it can’t be business as usual, and as promised, here we are again to encourage you to lift your foot, swing it forward, and plant it firmly one pace ahead of where you were standing. That’s all it really takes, friends—one foot in front of the other.

No matter how big your project, no matter how small, no matter if you seek change, innovation, perfection, or just completion, every project starts with an idea and is completed only after a series of steps, one after the other.

That last part is very important, the “one after the other.” You can’t cross a bridge without building the bridge first—or knowing what river you’re trying to cross.

It’s daunting.  We know the grind has already reared its hideous head and sunk its teeth in (Tesni feels it, Luke feels it, our team feels it) but that means now is the time when we need one another the most. A single step is easy to talk about, but as our colleague Hamza Khan likes to say, “anyone can beat an Olympic runner in the 100 metre dash… Just convince them to go 5 seconds in the opposite direction, first.” The point being, sometimes we can be frozen with potential because we don’t know whether the direction we’re going is correct.

Frankly, we say don’t worry about that (yet).  Right now it’s just you and the idea, and that first (or second, or third) step. This is the fun part! You get to talk about your idea and revel in the potential of its many different branches, bask in the glory of its possible outcomes, be truly and utterly excited for everything that lays ahead!

The trickiest step is the one after that, regardless of the direction you go. The point where you’re in motion, and you start walking the talk.

But that’s why we’re building this community! And it’s why we’re going to get together next week to pass our ideas around like trading cards, to gab about vision, dreams, and the future.

  • “I was thinking I could start by…”
  • “Maybe it means I can do…”
  • “How do you think I could incorporate…?”
  • “Have you thought about…”

Join us on Tuesday June 23, 2015 @ 12:30pm to Walk the Talk.

Tesni and Luke are going to spend an hour walking the Quad bouncing our ideas off one another and we want you to join us!

By sharing your ideas with others you open yourself to their input, to their perspectives, and there’s no better way to make a plan better than by getting input from others. Often, when we talk about an idea we’re still working through, even just the act of talking about it can draw out new elements you hadn’t realized you were forming, and your collaborator can both encourage your direction and offer perspectives you may not have thought of yet; that’s the beauty of brainstorming.

For Walk the Talk, we’ll meet out front the RAC entrance, and promptly start walking at 12:30pm. But don’t worry if you can’t make it right at 12:30—we’ll be out there the full hour, come and go as you please! (We won’t be hard to find: we’ll be the ones walking in a circle.) And if you can’t make it out at all, no worries—grab a colleague or cajole a friend and do it with them. Or swing by our offices and chat sometime. The important part of Walking the Talk is inviting someone else into your idea to poke around for a bit, get excited, offer some insight, and, probably most important, keep you excited!

Raise foot. Swing Leg. Plant foot. Repeat.

It can be that easy, friends; especially with some help.

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