You don't have to be an official leader to be a powerful influencer in your department. Use your powers for good!
16 May 2016

10 Ways to be a Positive Influencer at Work

All too often the terms “leadership” and “management” are interchanged, with a top-down approach viewed as the greatest influencers within a department or organization. The

Kaitlyn Taylor-Asquini 0
11 May 2016

Finding Beauty and Intersection in Work and Play: Reflections on SA from a Football Fan

Ever since I can remember I have played and loved the game of football (soccer). At first it was a hesitant relationship. Growing up in

Ian Crookshank 0
Sit at the typewriter and type. You may not use the words you write, but the skill development is invaluable.
09 May 2016

More Than Just A Typewriter: the Power of Transitional Knowledge in Career Development

As a part of the induction for the Career Centre Summer 2015 student team, I was asked to give our new student-staff a tour of

Christina Liang 2
John takes a moment, on his birthday, to contemplate the things he's learned, and what he really, truly, knows.
07 Apr 2016

Appreciating Life’s Lessons: 44 Things I Know

Today is my 44th birthday, and I’ve noticed that something unexpected has happened to me as I get older. I think more about stuff that

John Austin 6
Baby Marcus, hanging with his #RyersonSA Family at ACPA16.
04 Apr 2016

ACPA 2016 Conference: Conferencing with a Baby

I did it. I took my 9-month-old baby with me to a conference and lived to tell the tale. Attending ACPA 2016 was a relatively

Lesley D'Souza 4
Alicia poses for the camera beneath a "Welcome Back!" banner, her first day after mat-leave.
01 Apr 2016

Caregiving in Student Affairs

When I was a young woman pursuing higher education, I struggled to understand the importance of caregiving. I admired role models who excelled at competition

Alicia VanDeWeghe 0
Sharing ideas, walk and talk, all on the shores of Lake Devo.
28 Mar 2016

Facilitating Equity

A number of Student Affairs All-Staff Days have passed since our Executive Director asked for suggestions on using more inclusive language, asking for feedback on

Jesmen Mendoza 0
Mohawk Elder, Charlie Patton, presents to ACPA16
23 Mar 2016

What Can SA Learn from Grandparents: My Encounter with an Elder

It happened on the Tuesday morning at #ACPA16. Realising that I had just missed the opening of an educational session, I decided to just “email

Wincy Li 10
Sukhasana - Easy Pose
21 Mar 2016

Familial Relations Between Yoga & Student Affairs

I practice yoga. I practice student affairs. You may be reading this from a variety of perspectives. Maybe a seasoned student affairs professional and/or a

Guest Writer 0
Rebecca flexes your future in her hands, showing you how to be versatile when it comes to careers.
11 Mar 2016

Flexible Mind, Flexible Future

While some ways of doing things are tried, tested, and true, we often need the ability and agency to shift our course of thoughts and

Rebecca Dirnfeld 0
Contextualizing Canadian & American Post Secondary Education
02 Mar 2016

Contextualizing Differences in Canadian and American Higher Ed

I’m really excited to be attending ACPA in Montreal in just a few days. It’s the first time that ACPA will be held internationally, and

Lesley D'Souza 2
Hello My Name Is: Extrovert
26 Feb 2016

The Extrovert’s Guide to Conferencing

We are gearing up for another round of conferences where thousands of student affairs professionals from across the world will meet to connect, learn, and

Jen Gonzales 2