A drowzee sits on Lesley's desk, just waiting to be caught.
20 Jul 2016

Student Affairs & Pokemon Go: 10 Ideas to Catch ‘em All

I will freely admit that having grown up in the 90s, I am an avid Pokemon player. I was completely taken in by Google’s April

Lesley D'Souza 1
Green leaf curls on a black background, supporting drops of water on its back.
08 Jul 2016

Being Humble: The Importance of Humility in Ally Development

Humility is an important skill in being an ally for unique individuals from diverse populations. Humility can be defined as the quality or state of being

Ian Crookshank 2
Cathy at work in her office, POD-63G!
06 Jul 2016

Restarting the University Experience: My First 6 Weeks

In the first 6 weeks of my new role as Events and Partnerships Specialist, I’ve been finding myself thinking these words frequently: So this is

Cathy Nguyen 0
Wooden signpost with two opposite arrows over clear blue sky Old Job and New Job Career change
04 Jul 2016

The 10-Part Art of Settling In (or, How to Begin Your New Job in SA)

You’re here! You’re finally here! You wrote a great cover letter, aced the interview, and you’re walking through the door of your dream job at

Katrina Persad 3
RyersonSA staff pledge together to "Heart it? Stop it!" as part of the #NoBystander campaign.
26 Jun 2016

Hear It! Stop It!: Creating Inclusive and Accountable Spaces to Ensure There Are #NoBystanders

Co-authored by Steven Little, Manager – Education & Training, The 519 Last year, several members of the #RyersonSA community participated in a new initiative by

Brandon Smith 0
Ian and RyersonSA friends at the OUF game.
22 Jun 2016

Why It’s Important to Build Your Network at Work

I take an annual trip each fall with some friends and our fathers to a new city to watch an NFL game. The best part

Ian Ingles 1
The Canadian flag flies over Toronto, the title "Canadian Mindset List" hovering in the sky.
20 Jun 2016

The Canadian Mindset List: Inclusive & Empathetic

Have you ever heard of or seen The Mindset List? Every August I get an email or see a link on Facebook that prompts me

Rachel Barreca 7
3 pieces of pottery lined up, hand made, demonstrating the principles of Thrive RU.
06 Jun 2016

Throwing and Growing: Engaging the Thrive RU Principles In Pottery Class

Early in April, I had my first class in a ten week pottery course, the first fine arts class I’ve taken since grade 8. That

Tesni Ellis 2
Cathy poses below the SA sign. New professional ready to do on her Road "from" Ryerson.
01 Jun 2016

Restarting the University Experience: My #RoadFrom(to)Ryerson(SA)

It’s hard to summarize the remarkable learning and development that I’ve experienced in my six years of undergrad. 42 courses at Ryerson University, 16 courses

Cathy Nguyen 2
Laptop, professional development books, baby bottle—ready for learning on leave!
30 May 2016

Learning On Leave

Last Thursday I became a soccer mom. We took our 3 year-old to the park and watched him chase the ball with 15 other kids,

Lesley D'Souza 4
Tall mountains reflected in clear water, implying the depths below.
23 May 2016

“Lions At the Gates of Awareness”: Competence Through Reflection

Recently, I facilitated an interesting discussion at one of the RyersonSA Professional Development events focused on our competency framework. It seemed a good way to

John Hannah 0
A hand raised in the air in front of the crowd, ready to pose a question.
20 May 2016

A Question Posed to SA Folks: Is Critical Thinking in Your Work?

One of the first things I added to RU Student Life’s vision when I inherited the digital brand and community was add “critical” as one

Tesni Ellis 2