A room full of students await the next event in Orientation.
31 Aug 2016

In 250 Words: How Are We Engaging Students During Orientation (and Why That Way)?

Last week, I bothered my colleagues during the busiest time of year to get to the bottom of the question: why does student affairs engage

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Close up, over the shoulder view of a complicated map, searching for a place (perhaps of education...)
29 Aug 2016

Four Questions of Readiness: An Open Letter To Students (& Why Higher Ed Professionals Should Ask Them)

I’ve worked in higher education for a long time now. I’ve thought and read and written a lot on the subject, especially about that all-important

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Student Leaders, ready to burst out of the stairwell to engage the crowd at Orientation.
24 Aug 2016

Asking the Obvious: Why Does Student Affairs Engage Students During Orientation?

This Sunday, after days (in some cases, weeks) of student staff training, Ryerson University kicks-off Orientation by moving 900+ students into Residence, followed by a

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Woman stands before a flowing river, watching it change before her.
22 Aug 2016

Who am I?: Understanding Your Ever Changing Self in Identity Development Theory

Who am I? Reading through student identity development theories, this is a question that we, as student affairs professionals, hope to help our students become

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A crowd of students listens to sexual violence education.
17 Aug 2016

Empathy in Social Change

This post was originally published in March 2014. Ian had participated in a meeting the previous December that brought up the conversation of sexual assault

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Rudhra's hand, surrounded by darkness, reaches up for the light.
15 Aug 2016

How “Fade to Black” Became “We’re Going to Make It”: A Personal Reflection of the Last Year

At the beginning of the last academic year, much like some of the students we work with, I was excited for the opportunities for growth

Rudhra Persad 3
An open book, turned to empathy. The story unfolds.
12 Aug 2016

Empathy as a Path to Change

In the wake of the furor over #Brexit, I was struck by an indelible truth about what had happened. Most were flabbergasted with the affirmative

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Woman in front of canoe, paddling.
08 Aug 2016

Different Strokes: The “J”

People often ask me what we do in the Writing Centre—a fair question, the answer to which is relatively straightforward: we support students in the

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A whole lot of books, packed together, on shelves and on the floor, with just a thin space to move between them.
05 Aug 2016

Children’s books you should have on your SA Book Shelf

As a proud dad of twin boys much of the last two years of my life has been spent reading children’s books and often thinking

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Man sits in the shadows, alone at computer, yet changing for good the lives of people forever.
03 Aug 2016

Depleted: What Happens When You Don’t Interact With Students in SA

I’m a new #SAPro. After working as a work-study employee for the Office of Student Recruitment at Glendon for all 5 years of my undergrad,

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July 2016
25 Jul 2016

A Question Posed: How do you embrace your professional identity?

When the counsellors at the Centre for Student Development and Counselling meet students for their very first appointment, there are a number of items that

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After a loss, the team huddles together after the game, in the middle of the field, finding their fortitude to do better next time.
22 Jul 2016

Cheap Plastic Trophies: The Great Error Concerning Self-Esteem

A small geographical region in West Africa is home to about 5 million people known as the Kalenjin. Out of this tiny pool of the

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