27 Aug 2014

Vice-Provost, Students’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What happens when our Vice-Provost, Students Heather Lane-Vetere gets challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge?  She brings it, with a “bucket” of epic proportions…

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15 Aug 2014

Off to a Good Start

On July 30, 2014, I attended Ryerson University’s New Employee Orientation organized by Human Resources. The session was very well-designed, motivating, and fun! With several

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07 Jul 2014

Feedback Wanted

We have created a short survey to help us determine the impact of our digital community building efforts this year (the blog, twitter hashtag, facebook

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13 Jun 2014


I’ve been thinking about neighbourhoods lately – what they are, how they form, what makes them good, and what we can learn from all of

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30 May 2014

Friday Fun!!! – mmm….lunch!

Where #RyersonSA staff go to get their grub on.

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02 May 2014

Why we love our work!

          View the story “Why we love working in Student Affairs” on Storify The opportunity to see students problem solving and

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21 Apr 2014

How did you get here?

Over the past few months I have sat down with several student leaders and some recent alumni to talk about what’s next for them.  The

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14 Apr 2014

How to Disconnect

I Forgot My Phone Sometimes the technology that can (and should) make our lives easier and better also can make it impossible to maintain the

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16 Jan 2014

Time to Revive: January Leadership Training & Development

Submitted by: Brandon Smith, Acting Residence Life & Education Coordinator |  Student Housing Services Akeisha Lari, Program Facilitator  |  Tri-Mentoring Program On-going training, personal and

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08 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year and welcome back!  The new year and new term are often marked by reflections on progress, resolutions, plans to improve and goals

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17 Dec 2013

Campus Recruitment insights from the CDEC

The newly released CACEE (Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers) Campus Recruitment report came out late this fall and was presented at the December

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21 Oct 2013

Welcome to the Ryerson Student Affairs blog!

I am thrilled to be writing this short welcome to our new Student Affairs blog. I hope that this is read by many folks at

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