The Shaw Centre in Ottawa, lit up read on the edge of the water.
27 Mar 2017

What is #RoadToCACUSS: The Ride?

#RoadtoCACUSS 2017 is a wellness journey that will culminate in Student Affairs Professionals from across the country cycling from Toronto to Ottawa to attend the

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#RoadToCACUSS June 2017
17 Jun 2016

#RoadtoCACUSS 2017: The Ride

We’re hitting the road again, and this time we’d love for you to participate in the journey! #RoadtoCACUSS 2017 will take us to our nation’s

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A beautiful sky, contemplative, serene. A peaceful journey's end.
26 May 2015

6 Days, 5000 Kilometres, & Infinite Learnings

Originally published on 6 days, 2 countries, 3 provinces, 7 states, 5,000 kilometres, 6 coworkers, 6 partner institutions, and 168 hours together. The journey

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The sun sets on a serene evening, a beautiful splash of orange across the sky.
26 May 2015

Navigating Stress

Originally published on I’m guilty of involuntary manslaughter. On the fourth day of the #RoadToCACUSS, I foolishly volunteered myself for the graveyard shift of

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The Road to CACUSS crew, featuring Heather Lane Vetere, smiling for the camera with anticipation.
25 May 2015

A Fish Out of Water

Originally published on I could be seen as the fish out of water on this trip. Although Athletics resides within the same portfolio we tend

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It may be midnight, but the Road to CACUSS crew is still smiling.
24 May 2015

Community Development: On-Campus, Off-Campus….and an RV.

Originally published on #RoadtoCACUSS Note: This post is dedicated to the University of Toronto Office of Student Life, namely Erin, for challenging us to

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The Road to CACUSS gang is styling in their matching sunglasses. The open road awaits!
23 May 2015

Buying In To Student Affairs

Originally published on We need to stop looking at ‘sales’ as a dirty word. It’s no secret that budgets are always being cut, so

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The Road to CACUSS crew is excited, ready to start this journey.
22 May 2015

Now, Near, New

Originally published on On the Saturday evening before we left on the #RoadtoCACUSS, I hit send and submitted my final research project to wrap

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Everyone's personal mementos, contributions to the RV's shared altar.
21 May 2015

Spirituality on the #RoadToCACUSS

Originally published on I was supposed to be a reverend. On the eve of graduation, I approached the career centre at the University of Guelph,

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Hamza brings his introversion to the table, surrounded by extroverts.
20 May 2015

The Introvert’s Dilemma

Originally published on For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an extrovert. As a shy and socially awkward teen, I

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In the heart of the game, the Ramily basketball team searches for tradition.
19 May 2015

Embracing Tradition in a Culture of Innovation

Originally published on Stop number two on the road to Vancouver is the University of Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana, a University owning one

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Brandon smiled as a kid, and he stills smiles as an adult.
18 May 2015

I am a happy guy who wears glasses.

Originally published on Over Mother’s Day weekend, I made my way to my hometown of Welland, Ontario for a weekend of family time before hitting

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