Students study, relax, chat, and be on a level of the Student Learning Centre.
16 Sep 2016

Conference Reflection: HEQCO Got Me Thinking

Lately, there’s been much thought kicking around about the deeper side of education, and this conference reflection from Christina Halliday is a hopeful reminder that, even

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26 Aug 2016

All Hands on Deck: Career Development Isn’t Just For Your Career Centre Anymore

How do you serve an entire undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education student population on limited resources? How have we all done it so far? One

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CACUSS Presenter stands on stage, dropping knowledge on the crowd.
29 Jul 2016

Conference Reflection: CACUSS 2016

On June 19, 2016, hundreds of Student Affairs professionals from across Canada and around the globe descended upon Winnipeg for the annual Canadian Association of

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13 Jul 2016

The Power of the Arts: Tools for Holistic Transformative Learning in Student Affairs

In October 2013, I was sitting in a lecture hall at Carleton University at the opening event for the “Power of the Arts National Forum: Advancing

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Tools used in the smudging process, laid out on a table.
11 Jul 2016

Honouring Complexity vs. Fetishizing Damage

On May 26, 2016, I arrived in an overheated, slightly sweaty state at the registration table for the 6th Annual OISE Indigenous Education Network’s Indigenizing

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Creative Unit at ACPA16, having a hard go during our presentation. Our own worst critics.
13 Apr 2016

Your Toughest Critic: You

This article was co-written by members of SA Creative, Bailey Parnell & Hamza Khan, and our close partner Troy Murray, SA Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer. March 2016: several members of

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RyersonSA's student-staff in attendance at ACPA16 pause for a chance to enjoy Montreal in the snow.
06 Apr 2016

Conference Reflection: The Youngest Person At the ACPA16 Table

Great ideas happen when we work with students. They’re not just our business—they’re our colleagues, our allies; they’re the people that experience the needs that

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Baby Marcus, hanging with his #RyersonSA Family at ACPA16.
04 Apr 2016

ACPA 2016 Conference: Conferencing with a Baby

I did it. I took my 9-month-old baby with me to a conference and lived to tell the tale. Attending ACPA 2016 was a relatively

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Mohawk Elder, Charlie Patton, presents to ACPA16
23 Mar 2016

What Can SA Learn from Grandparents: My Encounter with an Elder

It happened on the Tuesday morning at #ACPA16. Realising that I had just missed the opening of an educational session, I decided to just “email

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RyersonSA at ACPA16 over the Montreal skyline.
16 Mar 2016

RyersonSA Goes to #ACPA16 in Montréal!

Looking for slides from the conference? Visit #RyersonSA’s SlideShare!

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International Student Services pose at CBIE, all decked out in their Gala best!
04 Mar 2016

Conference Reflection: Canadian Bureau of International Education 2015

We recently represented #RyersonSA at the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)’s 49th Annual International Education Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, held on November 22–25,

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Tips for conference presenting
29 Feb 2016

So You’re Presenting At A Conference: Tips for a Great Presentation


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