CAS Standards aren't just benchmarking—they're a guide, a tool, a sign in the forest to help you SEE the forest for the trees...
20 Apr 2017

Professional Standards by CAS: More than One Way to Evaluate Your SA Work

For those not familiar with CAS, the Council for the Advancement of Standards is a consortium of 42 higher education associations in the United States

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Students at a whiteboard writing the word assessment, but its cool, they've already done their CATs, maps, and conversations.
23 Mar 2017

Assessing Student Learning: Purpose, Development, and Student Conduct

Welcome to the inaugural #SAcdn Stories, an on-going initiative that highlights Student Affairs practices, thoughts, and learning from institutions across Canada. Follow along this week as

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A toy train on tracks, sitting at the station that's labelled, "Student Affairs". On the back of the train hangs a banner that reads, "Learning Engine."
24 Feb 2017

The Little Engine that Could . . . and Will

“Student affairs programs and services have been recast as learning engines, designed to foster learning and development.” This is one of the primary conclusions my

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Two people sit at a table—one a student, the other teacher—discussing learning outcomes, plotting the student's path to success.
31 Jan 2017

Transforming Students with Assessment: Assessing For, As, and Of learning

Generally, when I hear staff discussing assessment, it’s from the perspective of assessment as a tool for use upon students or systems to investigate and

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Three students in a row, laptops propped open, intensely focused on their digital learning.
06 Dec 2016

What Does Learning “Look Like” Online?

Assessment of student learning in a digital environment demands creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility. Learning outcomes and their assessment are often heavily dependent on some sort

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A wooden wall with white arrows, red words popping: "assessment your way"
24 Nov 2016

Assessment and the Self: Assessing your Approach to Assessment

One of my favourite parts of being a graduate student is the affordance to think in a certain kind of vacuum. It’s a unique freedom and

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Several Your Neighbour attendees pause for a moment to smile for the camera, each wearing their Your Neighbour branded T-shirts.
11 Nov 2016

Your Neighbour 2016: Continuing to Engage and Build Community

This article was co-written by Troy Murray. On August 24–25, 2016, 72 student leaders from Housing & Residence Life engaged with the Toronto community in

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A stack of surveys, ready to be filled out.
26 Oct 2016

5 Things that Matter More than Statistical Significance

Over the last few weeks, many of us across Canada are looking at two relatively new sets of survey data. One is the American College

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The Student Learning Centre front steps were built with Universal design. The accessible ramp is melded directly into the seating/stairs.
29 Sep 2016

Universal Design in Assessment

Assessment & You: Coast to Coast — By reading this article, you will be able to: Explain the concept of Universal Design. Articulate at least one

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Student Leaders, ready to burst out of the stairwell to engage the crowd at Orientation.
24 Aug 2016

Asking the Obvious: Why Does Student Affairs Engage Students During Orientation?

This Sunday, after days (in some cases, weeks) of student staff training, Ryerson University kicks-off Orientation by moving 900+ students into Residence, followed by a

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#SAcdn Assessing Your Orientation Program Storify Recap
10 Aug 2016

Twitter Chat: Assessing Your Orientation Programs Storify Recap

PDF LINK: “Assessing Your Orientation Programs”, #SAcdn Chat August 2016; plain text transcript.   [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Twitter Chat: Assessing Your Orientation Programs”

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The whiteboard, poised with how to tell the Assessment & You story. (Too meta?)
25 May 2016

Stories They Can Feel: Using Data to Make a Real Difference

Assessment & You is an on-going series brought to you by Lesley D’Souza monthly on Whether you’re an experienced assessor or a complete newbie,

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