Person sits in silouette on a rocky beach, looking out over the layered, wavey water. A bird floats on a thermal, into the sky that cradles us all.
25 May 2017

LovingKindess Meditation

LovingKindness meditation is about learning to develop compassion. LovingKindness practice is about unconditional acceptance and compassion for oneself and others. There should be no expectation

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A woman sits on a small porch by the water, legs crossed, the green of the world around her meditative and serene as she sits quietly, reflecting.
26 Apr 2017

3 Minute Breathing Space Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an effective resilience strategy that leads to increased focus, grounding, and ability to bounce back after things go wrong. Regular meditation practice,

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The night sky opens up over a silhouetted forest; the galaxy, bring and bold, is backdrop for a shooting star. A faint outline of the 5 Factor Model hangs in the sky, the shooting star hitting it dead centre in mindfulness...
06 Mar 2017

The 5 Factor Model of Resilience

This article was originally published in the magazine TEDxRyersonU: Lenses in March 2017. When I was a little girl I used to wish upon a star;

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