You know you work in student affairs when...
17 Apr 2015

You Know You Work in Student Affairs (At Ryerson) When…

10) You have suffered from beard or sock envy at least once in the past 12 months. 9) You have hugged or received a hug

Ian Crookshank 8
Jen Gonzales, Director of Student Life
16 Apr 2015

Facing the Fear: The Key to Transformation

9 months ago I began a new job as Director of Student Life at Ryerson University. It has been exciting, challenging, rewarding, and transformational. Yet

Jen Gonzales 16
A Canadian Identity made up of many different cultures.
15 Apr 2015

The World’s Gone Global and So Has My Tribe: Reflections on Identity

Having returned to the mother country after 13 years abroad, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. By this point, I should be

Caroline Konrad 10
Academic Accommodation Support & Test Centre is under the magnifying glass.
14 Apr 2015

The Journey Ahead: Navigating Scrutiny of the Job You Love

I’m often thinking about the journey of growth and learning I’ve been on since starting at Ryerson in 2009.  It’s been professional, it’s been personal,

Christina Halliday 4
13 Apr 2015

The Secret World of Student Affairs

Coming into post-secondary work as a medical professional, it took me awhile to figure out that there was such a thing as a Student Affairs

Su-Ting Teo 6
Insights on student affairs, transition, reflection, and identify from RyersonSA's leadership.
10 Apr 2015

5 directors; 5 days

Starting on April 13, 2015, every day a new article—written by one of RyersonSA’s directors—will be posted, discussing insights on students affairs, transition, reflection, and

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