The materials from Landscapes, spread out on the table. A pen, already clicked, ready to fill out the Learning Tool.
10 May 2017

Thoughts over the Horizon: Post-Landscapes Reflections

Two months ago, the Leadership Development Committee hosted RyersonSA’s professional development conference. Titled Landscapes, this full-day conference was an opportunity to explore our shared peaks

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A facilitator talks to students; overlayed on top of the image—a chart of the exponential student registrants in AAS...
01 Mar 2017

Our Time to Swim: Contextualizing Staff Burnout in Disability Services in Higher Education

Our Time To Swim is a week long series that takes you inside the high-stakes, rewarding work of making education accessible to all students. Learn how

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Building rapport with a student takes active listening, time, and most important, the willingness to do so.
07 May 2015

The Year-End Rapport

There’s a framed picture of Nicolas Cage on my desk. He’s got these bulging eyes, flared nostrils, and if you tilt your head a little

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18 Feb 2015

“It All Starts With A Giant Pair of Scissors…”

It all started with a giant pair of metal scissors. They are shiny, and ceremonial, and take three sets of hands to use. And these

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