09 Sep 2016

How Star Wars Relates to Mentoring

Have ever seen a Star Wars movie, or engaged with the Star Wars universe in any of its many forms? Are you familiar with “the

Rudhra Persad 2
Rudhra's hand, surrounded by darkness, reaches up for the light.
15 Aug 2016

How “Fade to Black” Became “We’re Going to Make It”: A Personal Reflection of the Last Year

At the beginning of the last academic year, much like some of the students we work with, I was excited for the opportunities for growth

Rudhra Persad 3
15 May 2014

Staff Spotlight: Rudhra Persad

Details: Position: Mentoring Officer Department: Tri-Mentoring Program Questions: What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office? Greet my coworkers! I love

Rudhra Persad 1