Two people sit at a table—one a student, the other teacher—discussing learning outcomes, plotting the student's path to success.
31 Jan 2017

Transforming Students with Assessment: Assessing For, As, and Of learning

Generally, when I hear staff discussing assessment, it’s from the perspective of assessment as a tool for use upon students or systems to investigate and

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The header from @RyersonSA's Twitter feed, with the "1005" followers circled in red with an arrow pointing to words: "So? What's next?"
22 Nov 2016

#RyersonSA: Past, Present, & Future

Last week we celebrated @RyersonSA reaching 1000 followers on Twitter. Now, I’m not going to lie—it feels nice to see a four digit number of

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The Student Learning Centre front steps were built with Universal design. The accessible ramp is melded directly into the seating/stairs.
29 Sep 2016

Universal Design in Assessment

Assessment & You: Coast to Coast — By reading this article, you will be able to: Explain the concept of Universal Design. Articulate at least one

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Do you know what assessment is? How to do it? Do you have questions?
25 Sep 2016

Assessment & You II: Coast to Coast

Assessment starts with curiosity; wondering if the work you do all day is actually making a difference: Is it contributing to your goals? What about

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An open book, turned to empathy. The story unfolds.
12 Aug 2016

Empathy as a Path to Change

In the wake of the furor over #Brexit, I was struck by an indelible truth about what had happened. Most were flabbergasted with the affirmative

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CACUSS Presenter stands on stage, dropping knowledge on the crowd.
29 Jul 2016

Conference Reflection: CACUSS 2016

On June 19, 2016, hundreds of Student Affairs professionals from across Canada and around the globe descended upon Winnipeg for the annual Canadian Association of

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A drowzee sits on Lesley's desk, just waiting to be caught.
20 Jul 2016

Student Affairs & Pokemon Go: 10 Ideas to Catch ‘em All

I will freely admit that having grown up in the 90s, I am an avid Pokemon player. I was completely taken in by Google’s April

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10 Jun 2016

Staff Spotlight: Lesley D’Souza

Welcome to Staff Spotlight, where we give the members of #RyersonSA the opportunity to discuss everything from their own approach to the industry to their

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Laptop, professional development books, baby bottle—ready for learning on leave!
30 May 2016

Learning On Leave

Last Thursday I became a soccer mom. We took our 3 year-old to the park and watched him chase the ball with 15 other kids,

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The whiteboard, poised with how to tell the Assessment & You story. (Too meta?)
25 May 2016

Stories They Can Feel: Using Data to Make a Real Difference

Assessment & You is an on-going series brought to you by Lesley D’Souza monthly on Whether you’re an experienced assessor or a complete newbie,

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The team huddles around their assessment coach, ready to learn what they don't know. Turns out, assessment isn't scary at all.
29 Apr 2016

What Is A “Culture of Assessment”

Assessment & You is an on-going series brought to you by Lesley D’Souza monthly on Whether you’re an experienced assessor or a complete newbie,

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Baby Marcus, hanging with his #RyersonSA Family at ACPA16.
04 Apr 2016

ACPA 2016 Conference: Conferencing with a Baby

I did it. I took my 9-month-old baby with me to a conference and lived to tell the tale. Attending ACPA 2016 was a relatively

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