A photo of the rocks on Lake Devo where artist Lori Blondeau has installed images of Indiegnous women in red to call attention to the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.
03 Oct 2017

Three Threads of Commitment: Ryerson Student Affairs’ Response to Truth and Reconciliation Commission

In the preface to the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), Justice Murray Sinclair declares that “reconciliation is not an

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Close up on a letter slot in a door. The word "LETTERS" in relief on the flap.
26 Jan 2017

What’s In Your Letter?

Dear Student, As you travel on your journey through higher education, you will, at times, face the following dilemma: “Do I figure this out all

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Cover of Ombudsperson Report 2014/15: Coloured Circles, each representing a recommendation inside.
24 Jan 2017

Response to the 2014/2015 Ombudsperson at Ryerson Annual Report

The 2014/2015 Ombudsperson at Ryerson Annual Report reminds us about the importance of empathy as a principle to animate our daily work with students and

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One hand holds the pen; the other the magnifying glass. The book is open between them—we are going to look closely at that which we know.
21 Dec 2016

In 250 Words: In What Areas Should SA Take a Critical Look Inwards?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Student Affairs is full of passionate, caring people. It’s not a prerequisite, but it is the

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Close up, over the shoulder view of a complicated map, searching for a place (perhaps of education...)
29 Aug 2016

Four Questions of Readiness: An Open Letter To Students (& Why Higher Ed Professionals Should Ask Them)

I’ve worked in higher education for a long time now. I’ve thought and read and written a lot on the subject, especially about that all-important

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Woman in front of canoe, paddling.
08 Aug 2016

Different Strokes: The “J”

People often ask me what we do in the Writing Centre—a fair question, the answer to which is relatively straightforward: we support students in the

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CACUSS Presenter stands on stage, dropping knowledge on the crowd.
29 Jul 2016

Conference Reflection: CACUSS 2016

On June 19, 2016, hundreds of Student Affairs professionals from across Canada and around the globe descended upon Winnipeg for the annual Canadian Association of

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After a loss, the team huddles together after the game, in the middle of the field, finding their fortitude to do better next time.
22 Jul 2016

Cheap Plastic Trophies: The Great Error Concerning Self-Esteem

A small geographical region in West Africa is home to about 5 million people known as the Kalenjin. Out of this tiny pool of the

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Tall mountains reflected in clear water, implying the depths below.
23 May 2016

“Lions At the Gates of Awareness”: Competence Through Reflection

Recently, I facilitated an interesting discussion at one of the RyersonSA Professional Development events focused on our competency framework. It seemed a good way to

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Light cascading down through wooden beams, supporting the pillars that hold them up.
02 May 2016

ThriveRU: A Framework of Beams

I dabble in carpentry. And, in that dabbling full of trial, and error, and observation, I’ve come to (pretentiously) understand this: carpentry is about the

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A trail of breadcrumbs left behind so you may follow my thought process
28 Oct 2015

How I Write: Writing With Breadcrumbs

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect way to communicate an idea through words? You’re not alone. Even great writers struggle when they attempt

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A question posed to SA Folks.
24 Jul 2015

A Question Posed to SA Folks: What is “Student Success?”

Join us at the end of every month as a member of RyersonSA poses a question to Student Affairs professionals about the work we do. 

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