Ian, decked out in his neon yellowish-green biking gear, takes to the streets atop his mighty wheeled steed...uh, we'll ask him what his bike's name is, and get back to you.
05 May 2017

Left Hip, Pop!: the Connection between Physical & Mental Health

#RoadtoCACUSS 2017 is a wellness journey that will culminate in Student Affairs Professionals from across the country cycling from Toronto to Ottawa to attend the

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Ian and his boys, crouched by the lake, the perfect place to start a conversation.
27 Sep 2016

I Used To Think Just Like You

I used to think just like you. Growing up in a small community on the outskirts of the GTA I did all the “right” things

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A crowd of students listens to sexual violence education.
17 Aug 2016

Empathy in Social Change

This post was originally published in March 2014. Ian had participated in a meeting the previous December that brought up the conversation of sexual assault

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A whole lot of books, packed together, on shelves and on the floor, with just a thin space to move between them.
05 Aug 2016

Children’s books you should have on your SA Book Shelf

As a proud dad of twin boys much of the last two years of my life has been spent reading children’s books and often thinking

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Green leaf curls on a black background, supporting drops of water on its back.
08 Jul 2016

Being Humble: The Importance of Humility in Ally Development

Humility is an important skill in being an ally for unique individuals from diverse populations. Humility can be defined as the quality or state of being

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The 2015/16 Housing & Residence Life team.
13 Jun 2016

Housing’s Student-Staff Wellness One Program: Successes & Challenges

This article was co-authored with Ian Crookshank. In January 2015, Housing & Residence Life launched the Wellness One program focused on supporting the four pillars of

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11 May 2016

Finding Beauty and Intersection in Work and Play: Reflections on SA from a Football Fan

Ever since I can remember I have played and loved the game of football (soccer). At first it was a hesitant relationship. Growing up in

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Ian Crookshank sits with his housing guitar, contemplating his last 20 years of work...
05 Feb 2016

Emotional and Practical Learnings from 20 Years of Working

The year was 1993. I had just turned 15 when my father walked into the house and told me he had found me a job.

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RyersonSA 5 pillars: learning
16 Oct 2015

Connecting the Pillars: Learning Where You Live

As #RyersonSA gears up for its annual Fall Summit meeting, we’re taking a few moments to reflect on the 5 Pillars that are the values and

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Look at all the interesting facts about Residence this year!
18 Sep 2015

Some Interesting 2015/16 Tidbits from Residence

It has been tradition in Housing and Residence Life for us to have a kick off, all-staff meeting a few short days before move-in. The

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A hundred students, the 2014-15 Housing Team, crowded together for a picture.
29 Jun 2015

Introducing Housing’s New Student-Staff Wellness Program

This article was co-authored with Brandon Smith. In Housing and Residence Life, a huge part of the work we do is made possible by our

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We can't ever forget to not do harm, regardless the policies we create intended to help.
25 Jun 2015

Finding Empathy: When Systems Meant To Help, Harm

The year is 2011 (January in fact) and I had just started a new role in residence life at another institution. This position was in

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