The Living Learning Community gathers to talk healthy living in the quad.
12 Oct 2015

Putting Ideas into Action: Housing’s Living Learning Program

This article was co-authored by Simon Finn. Over the past two years, the Residence Life Management Team looked at assessment results from in-year and overall

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The choir sings loud and proud, filling the church with beautiful music.
02 Sep 2015

6 Lessons About Team from Choir

Hi.  My name is Dan and I’m a choirboy—or maybe “choir nerd” is more appropriate? The fun thing is I know I’m not alone. In

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30 Jan 2014

Journalism Faculty Dinner

  Last week, Ryerson Residence partnered with the School of Journalism to host our first faculty dinner with first-year Journalism students living in residence.  We

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12 Dec 2013

Collaborative Project: MyGeneration Blog-video Challenge

This summer, Student Affairs colleagues from Student Learning Support and Student Community Life came together to design Ryerson’s iteration of the “common book program”.  Common

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05 Nov 2013

Building our Residence Academic Programs : Highlights from the ACUHO-I Living Learning Programs Conference

ACUHO-I is the international Association of College and University Housing Officers that has several regional affiliate associations such as the Ontario chapter (OACUHO), in which

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