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30 Jun 2017

My Sparkling Trail of Courage and Failure

About 1 ½ years ago, I wrote about creativity in the Student Affairs workplace for this very blog.  Now I’m tasked with writing about ‘failure’

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The director works at a desk, the tide outside the window rising...
27 Feb 2017

Our Time To Swim: the Critical Juncture of Ryerson’s Disability Services Office

Our Time To Swim is a week long series that takes you inside the high-stakes, rewarding work of making education accessible to all students. Learn how

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Close up on a letter slot in a door. The word "LETTERS" in relief on the flap.
26 Jan 2017

What’s In Your Letter?

Dear Student, As you travel on your journey through higher education, you will, at times, face the following dilemma: “Do I figure this out all

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She stands beneath the tree, one hand on its bark, looking up at her potential in the future.
05 Oct 2016

In 250 Words: Why Get a Postsecondary Education?

I’m still completely absorbed with looking for the deep meaning of education (thanks in no small part to John Hannah’s Open Letter to Students), but

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Students study, relax, chat, and be on a level of the Student Learning Centre.
16 Sep 2016

Conference Reflection: HEQCO Got Me Thinking

Lately, there’s been much thought kicking around about the deeper side of education, and this conference reflection from Christina Halliday is a hopeful reminder that, even

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It starts (on a blank word document, cursor blinking, ready for the next word)
13 Jan 2016

How I Write: It Starts

It Starts How do I write? My best answer is: it depends. For me, this is the trouble and thrill in writing.  Every experience is

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A river flows over rocks searching for its moment of inspiration when it can become the ocean.
08 Jan 2016

Why Creativity in the Student Affairs Workplace Makes Everything Better

There was nobody more dead serious about creativity than my dad. An abstract painter his entire adult life and an art instructor in postsecondary for

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RyersonSA 5 pillars: mental well-being
15 Oct 2015

Connecting the Pillars: Recognizing Well-Being in Learning Support

As #RyersonSA gears up for its annual Fall Summit meeting, we’re taking a few moments to reflect on the 5 Pillars that are the values and

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SLS Infographic Feature Image
11 Sep 2015

Infographic: Student Learning Support 2014/15

This piece was co-created by Estefania Toledo. 2014/15 was a big year for Student Learning Support (SLS). We launched a new website, rebranded, moved to

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Academic Accommodation Support & Test Centre is under the magnifying glass.
14 Apr 2015

The Journey Ahead: Navigating Scrutiny of the Job You Love

I’m often thinking about the journey of growth and learning I’ve been on since starting at Ryerson in 2009.  It’s been professional, it’s been personal,

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09 Apr 2015

Staff Spotlight: Christina Halliday

Welcome to Staff Spotlight, where we give the members of #RyersonSA the opportunity to discuss everything from their own approach to the industry to their

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22 Apr 2014

Student Learning Support in the New Student Learning Centre

I’ve always been inspired by efforts to intentionally create spaces for learning.  I’m not an architect or a designer.  But a long time ago I

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