Alicia poses for the camera beneath a "Welcome Back!" banner, her first day after mat-leave.
01 Apr 2016

Caregiving in Student Affairs

When I was a young woman pursuing higher education, I struggled to understand the importance of caregiving. I admired role models who excelled at competition

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International Student Services pose at CBIE, all decked out in their Gala best!
04 Mar 2016

Conference Reflection: Canadian Bureau of International Education 2015

We recently represented #RyersonSA at the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)’s 49th Annual International Education Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, held on November 22–25,

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19 Nov 2014

Far From Home: the International Experience

My educational background and student leadership are what best prepared me for a career in Student Affairs, but it is my passion for travel that

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