Students at Orientation Week walk through the sunny Quad
28 Jun 2017

Failing “Akeisha”: Who Isn’t Coming to Orientation Week?

Orientation Week. The big, “Welcome to Ryerson!” We plan for months to create this inviting, inclusive space, accessible to all incoming students—and only a handful

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She stands beneath the tree, one hand on its bark, looking up at her potential in the future.
05 Oct 2016

In 250 Words: Why Get a Postsecondary Education?

I’m still completely absorbed with looking for the deep meaning of education (thanks in no small part to John Hannah’s Open Letter to Students), but

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A room full of students await the next event in Orientation.
31 Aug 2016

In 250 Words: How Are We Engaging Students During Orientation (and Why That Way)?

Last week, I bothered my colleagues during the busiest time of year to get to the bottom of the question: why does student affairs engage

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Akeisha is an on the ground coodrinator...not to mention a mom!
20 Nov 2015

“On The Ground” Coordinator

Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Akeisha Lari and I am the Interim Coordinator, Student Life Programs. I am covering a one

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