The 5 Pillars of #RyersonSA are the values and principles we use to guide our work with and for students. Built on a strong Ryerson foundation of commitment to and pursuit of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access, we use these pillars to help students find opportunities to create their narrative and success. Each of the Pillars is rooted in the overarching mission of one of the five #RyersonSA departments but, by design, all five are meant to be shared by all #RyersonSA staff and programs.


Rooted in Student Learning Support, the Learning Pillar reminds us that the primary goal and mission of Ryerson and its students is learning and knowledge. Keeping a focus on this as a priority will help us shape programs and services with cognitive development and learning in mind, and will help us pay particular attention to the desired outcomes for all of our interactions with students.


Based on the expertise and practices from our colleagues in Student Health & Wellness, all #RyersonSA practitioners strive to have our programs and services for students align with best practices for promoting mental well-being. We know students cannot be successful in any dimension of their lives if they don’t possess, or aren’t working towards, a feeling of personal wellness—of which mental well-being is a significant part.


Sense of belonging is important; akin to the safety and security Maslow talks about as prerequisite for having all other needs met, we know that students need to feel a sense of belonging, or community, in order to be successful in academic, personal, and professional pursuits. Housing & Residence Life embodies the Community Pillar because they have students actually living with them. But how do we contribute to the sense of belonging our students experience, and how can #RyersonSA enhance that community through our engagement with them?


Student Life focuses on developing the whole person in a social and self-reliant construct. We know that students arrive at Ryerson with great interest in what their social lives will be like, who their friends will be, and how much fun they will have. #RyersonSA is committed to making sure that students have many opportunities to develop the personal and social dimensions of their beings.


Over 95% of incoming Ryerson students cite getting a better and/or higher paying job after graduation as one of their reasons for choosing Ryerson. The new Ryerson Career Centre is revolutionizing their approach to student engagement so that we help students remember, and achieve, their career & professional development goals. Working with partners throughout #RyersonSA, they are finding ways to capture the attention of students in all parts of their lives at Ryerson to keep those aspirations alive.

We don’t work in silos in #RyersonSA. Aside from legal, professional, technical, and specific requirements of individual jobs, we all share the work of helping students achieve success through our shared work in the 5 Pillars. We’re all responsible for student success—every dimension.

A result of this commitment to de-siloization and collaboration has been a new richness in the tapestry of programming coming out of #RyersonSA. Our engagement with students is now complementary to ways their various identities intersect. We know that students are complex, and often complicated, human beings, and we need to make sure we offer pathways to success for them—whatever those may look like.