Welcome to the #RyersonSA Blog, the digital home of Ryerson Student Affairs.

#RyersonSA began its life as a twitter hashtag created by our executive director, John Austin, but over the last two years has grown into a community designed to connect the diverse student affairs departments on our campus. Existing for too long in silos, we needed a place we could share our knowledge, learning, and experiences, as well as our contributions to the student affairs profession. A place where we could learn about one another. Somewhere that our penchant for reflection could be embraced—and be helpful to others in our field.

The #RyersonSA Blog is that space. Here, as professionals we can contribute ideas to student affairs, showcase our work, share learning and reflections on a broad range of topics, including professional and personal development, and continue to build and grow a culture of success—while having a lot of fun along the way! This is our opportunity for colleagues and students from across Ryerson University, Canada, and around the world to view the great things happening in Ryerson Student Affairs.

Student Affairs exists to support students in their academics, and the heart of our work is about creating the whole person both inside and out of the classroom. In #RyersonSA, we practice what we teach, bringing our whole selves to what we create. The process is a journey, not just for our students, but for ourselves as well. We never stop learning, we never stop growing, and here at #RyersonSA, we never stop sharing.

The #RyersonSA Blog serves as a point of connection for professional staff in the Career Centre, Housing & Residence Life, Student Health & Wellness, Student Learning Support, and Student Life.